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Gale Laure was born along the coast of Texas in an area referred to as the "Golden Triangle". The fiction book author is a native Texan. She spent a few of her young adult years in Tyler, Texas and in the Houston, Texas area. She resided in a small suburban town in the Houston area. Laure is married and has lived with her husband and near her family for over 20 years.

Laure is adamant about staying mysterious as the fiction murder mystery and suspense, thriller, books she writes. Therefore, she writes under a pseudonym to maintain her privacy. She adamantly wants the privacy of her family to remain a mystery!

She has gained her experience for writing from her careers including owner of a business service, marketing and consulting company, owner of her own travel agency, employment in the medical field including office manager, a short stint as a legal assistant, a paralegal, and employment in an insurance office and CPA's office.

Gale Laure enjoys her career and life as a fiction book author. She finds inspiration from her readers, friends and family.

Laure’s hobbies include genealogical research, movies, creating stories for the children around her, involvement in her church and people watching. By watching people she obtains ideas for the characters in her books. So watch out! You may see some of your own traits in a character in her fiction mystery, romance, suspense and thriller books. She loves the "human being" and everything about them, both good and bad.

Interview with Gale Laure

When you were little, did you want to be an author when you grew up?

No. I know I loved to tell stories. I used to make up stories and all the neighborhood children would come over. I would assign each one a part to play in my story. They loved it and came over quite frequently begging me to play one of my stories.

Have you ever faced the curse of writer's block? If so how did you deal with it?

No. I have been blessed. I have the stories popping in my head so very fast that I cannot get them down on paper---or in computer---fast enough.

Do you ever write while intoxicated?

No. I do not. I think it would stifle my creativity.

Which deceased author would you most like to take out to dinner?

This is so easy. Agatha Christie. Absolutely love her work. Her mind fascinates me.

Second would be Mark Twain. Love his way to putting things on paper---his descriptions.

What was the book that most influenced you in life and why?

The "Bible".  It is still influencing my life.

Second---"Little Women". I still can get lost in the story. I have a very old edition that I received as a gift.  I read it ever so often.

What is the greatest challenge you have overcome in your writing career?

Time is my greatest challenge.  I never have enough time to write.  I have family issues that take a lot of my time.  I cannot say I have overcame this obstacle as it is a daily challenge for me.  But I keep trying.  If you want something bad enough, you find a way.

Why do you write?

I write because it is a major part of me that makes me smile. My husband always says that when I write I am the happiest person in the world. Needless to say he encourages me to write as much as I can. He is very supportive.

If you could choose one superhero power what would it be and why?

I suppose it would be Wonder Woman. I think she was the one who could turn around really fast and turn back time. Maybe then I would have more time to write.

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