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Although George E. Yurchison was a licensed architect in fifteen states and the head of his own firm in New York and Florida, he was also a world traveler and architectural historian who researched and studied the remnants of antiquity throughout the world. He roamed the Indian reservations of the Southwest and archaeological digs in Israel, Egypt, and the orient. He was equally at home conversing with Vatican clergy, Buddhist Iamas, and American Indian chiefs. Mr. Yurchison had wrote numerous trade articles and received awards for many of his designs. When he was not busy designing buildings, the author studied theology and the occult. An avid student of Christianity, he was dedicated to bringing forth the knowledge that is not widely known. He desired for his works to benefit others beyond his mortal time on earth.

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World of Angels PDF download by George E. Yurchison
World of Angels
George E. Yurchison
World of Angels E-Book, April 2012
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