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Gerry Nolan who is from Ireland, has been a student of Success & Motivation for over 15 years. He always wondered what made the difference between those who made it to the heights of success and those who lived an average existence.

This lead Gerry, to start to read and apply the succeess strategies of Anthony Robbins. Gerry decided to become a serious student of Tony Robbins, and absorbed all his books, audio programs and seminars.

By applying the success strategies of Tony Robbins, Gerry achieved some amazing results in life.

* In this mind 20s, he was the top earning Sales Executive for an Global Staffing Companying earning over $130,000 a year.

* Gerry sent up his own company at 29 years of age and went from zero to over $1,400,000 in sales in just a 12 month period.

* Gerry followed his passion, and became a high graded black belt in martial arts, represented Ireland at Kickboxing, and now is a Krav Maga Self Defence Expert who Teaches in Thailand.

* Gerry followed his dream of leaving the wet dark winters of Ireland, and moved to a tropical beach location in Thailand, where he trains in Muay Thai Kickboxing daily. Runs a number of internet businesses. And is planning more internet business and writing e book on his passions.

Gerry while he worked very hard to achieve his goals, and nothing beat hard work, attributes, the strategies, inspiration, motivation, and success techniques he learned from Anthony Robbins.

This prompted Gerry to write an e book on Tony Robbins, and while he does attribute alot of inspirtion to the teachings of Anthony Robbins, he also reveals the truth about aspects of Tony Robbins life that are less well know.

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The Anthony Robbins Biography: Tony Robbins’ Secrets to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire PDF download by Gerry Nolan
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