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I was born in 1981. I have always questioned life and have grown up struggling with finding the answers to the meaning of it all.

As a disabled person, growing up was not easy as I felt always an outsider with a great need for answers.

I searched for a reason for life in science, art and philosophy. But no solution seemed to satisfy me for long.

Indeed, I always felt that the value of life cannot be quantified and was beyond words. But I also knew that I had to start from somewhere and words were all I had.

I had fallen in love with writing at a very young age, and found it a useful tool to explore myself and the world around me.

Cosmos was my first real novel which I wrote in 1998. Since then, I graduated B. a. Honours English at the University of Malta and I am now gearing up for a Masters in disability studies after I started having vision problems which made me rethink things all over again.

As I now engage in disability activism, I am more aware of the effect our social organisation has in defining us and in limiting our self-definition. I wrote this book before I made that realisation but it reflects part of me in spite of the changes I have made in my outlook. "Cosmos" was perhaps my youthful reaction to the changing world around me that seemed to be lost and unsure of itself. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the book!

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Gordon C. Cardona
Gordon C. Cardona, April 2012
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