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After she finished school in Austria, Salzburg, Monika moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, where she ended up flying around the world for an Airline as a Flight Attendant. South Africa provided a unique record of a key period in her flying career that informs, fascinates and delights and perhaps inspires you to come and explore this jewel on the African continent.

Southern Africa has been the choice for many national and international visitors and adventurers. From hot springs and waterfalls, dairy farms, elephant herds, penguins, pine forests, five-star hotels, luxury game reserves on its doorstep, national parks & safari bush camps, where people tend to get in touch with the wilderness and become aware of the insignificance of their place in the world, to the traditional African cuisine, culinary delicacies which keep hearts happy, specially for those who appreciate true South African food.

The regrettable decision of the Board to close down the company made her move back to Germany where she got herself trained in Business Administration, International Marketing and Psychology. Since 2008 she does Online Marketing and having great fun doing so

Now she follows her big passion writing and co-writing e-books about her life experiences. You can find out more about her and what exactly she does on the blog shortly.

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