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Guy Haley categorizes himself as a science fiction journalist and author. "The principal difference being once I interviewed people about making stuff up, now I make my own stuff up. The latter is more fun."

Haley was born in 1973, the eldest of five boys, and raised in Yorkshire, where he and his brothers survived to adulthood despite freezing temperatures, angry boggarts and proximity to the volatile Lancastrian border.

He began his career on SFX Magazine in 1997, where he eventually became deputy editor, before leaving to edit notable gaming magazine White Dwarf at Games Workshop. Three years later he ran away to be involved in the launch of the ill-fated, if bold, SF magazine Death Ray, which he also edited. Since its demise in 2009 he has been wandering the media hinterlands as a sword for hire writing and editing magazines, as well as penning the occasional novel.

Haley now lives in Somerset with his wife Emma, young son Benny, a Malamute called Magnus, and an enormous, evil-tempered Norwegian forest cat called, ironically, Buddy. Don’t touch him, he really does bite.

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The Ghoul King: A Story of the Dreaming Cities ePub download by Guy Haley
The Ghoul King: A Story of the Dreaming Cities
Guy Haley, July 2016
ISBN: 9781466891982
Format: ePub
Our price: $3.99
The Emperor's Railroad ePub download by Guy Haley
The Emperor's Railroad
Guy Haley, April 2016
ISBN: 9781466891975
Format: ePub
Our price: $3.99
Omega Point ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Guy Haley
Omega Point
Guy Haley
Angry Robot, March 2012
ISBN: 9780857661494
Format: ePub
Our price: $6.99
Reality 36: A Richards & Klein Novel ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Guy Haley
Reality 36
Guy Haley
Angry Robot, August 2011
ISBN: 9780857661463
Format: ePub
Our price: $6.99
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