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Born and raised in a small Polish town called Rybnik. At the age of 18 I set of to experience American dream as an au-pair in Florida, New York and rainy but beautiful Washington. It was just the right time to learn English and develop a true passion for the language that used to frustrate me at school. After amazing 19 months I returned to Poland just to take a brief breath of Polish air, pack my freshly washed clothes and leave to experience another adventure this time in the UK. I flipped through University of Wolverhampton's prospectus, picked Linguistics and TESOL as my course of study and graduated with honors in 2010. Ever since, I have been working hard to secure myself a position of a copywriter (any day now). All-in-all the stack of handwritten journals in my mom's basement aren't the only ones that prove my passion for writing, so here goes my short story. Read away...

Story: Like to the moon and back


Hanna Kalafarska

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Thanks for feedback Lisa, I haven't had anyone to proofread my work and unfortunately it's not my strong suit when it comes to my own work. I'll definitely read your story.

Lisa Rose

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I enjoyed your story. There were a few spots where I noticed you used one word, when I think you meant another: bear/bare or week/weak. Be sure to start a new paragraph when you change speakers, even if the person is 'speaking' only in their mind. Very good story. If you can take the time, would you read my story, 'Drift Away'? Let me know what you think, by writing a review. Thanks.

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