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Harry was conditioned with the idea that his mind could do almost anything at a young age. He came down with a life-threatening sickness when he was 9. After being bed-ridden for a year and getting worse, his parents hired a practitioner trained in mental healing. The practitioner cured him. The impressionable mind of a 10-year-old boy reasoned that if his mind could heal him, it could do almost anything.

He began looking for the secret. It took decades before he found a suitable model on how his subconscious mind worked. The paradigm was simple and compatible with experts and philosophies he respected. Once he knew how his subconscious worked, it was easy putting it to use.

Due to his success in using his subconscious mind, Harry was encouraged to teach what he had learned. He taught his first classes 45 years ago but stopped teaching to pursue a career in aerospace engineering and raise four children. He resumed teaching when he retired in 1994. Harry lives in Southern California with his wife, Jane, three dogs, and five tortoises. He and Jane have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.

Interview with Harry W. Carpenter

If you could give people only one tip on how to achieve their goals, what would that be?

The smartest way to achieve goals is to give the job to your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind is eleven times bigger; a magnitude times more powerful; has millions times more computational capability; works 24/7; is more creative than your conscious mind; and the best part is that using your subconscious mind is effortless.

The methods of using your subconscious mind are easy.  But to be successful you must learn  how it works and the laws it obeys.   I don't think you'll find another book with all that in it.

What was the book that most influenced your life and why?

I have picked up bits of information on using your subconscious mind from lots of books, but on the whole, I can only think of one that was informative throughout.  Don’t be turned off by the title, it’s "The Inner Game of Tennis,” by W. James Gallwey.

Rather than specific titles, I would prefer to mention subjects--subjects that opened my mind to different ways of thinking of the world and life.  Lay books on quantum physics, the mind/body relationship, New Thought, and the radical "new" biology (e.g., author  Bruce Lipton.)

What is the most fun or silly thing you've been able to accomplish once you learned about the power of your mind?

I loved teaching the "Genie Within" course to large groups.

After you wrote The Genie Within, did you have any trouble getting it published?

Yes and no.

Yes, in the U.S.  I was told by agents that, although it was a great book, a domestic publisher would not buy it.  The reason was that an author had to have credentials in his or her field.  My degree is in engineering, not psychology.  Actually I am glad I did not sign a contract because sales are very good on and eBooks.

No, in other countries.  Those publishers and agents all came to me.

Which deceased author would you most like to take out to dinner?

Cato the Elder.  I would like a firsthand account what it was like in the year 200 BC.

What type of books do you like to read in your spare time?

Nonfiction.   See the answer to the second question.

Can you give us a comparison between The Genie Within and books like The Secret?

The Secret is inspirational and brought the subject to national attention.  But, in my opinion, it did not show the reader how to achieve goals.  Thus, most readers failed and became disillusioned.

If you had a book club, what would it be reading and why?

Again, same answer as to the second question.

What do you think of eBooks? Do you support digital publishing?

eBooks are great and they facilitate younger readers who would not otherwise read as much.

Do you plan to write any more books?

All I have to say is said in this book.  I could rephrase it using more words but it would not benefit the reader.  If you want to go deeper by including the Universal mind, read Chopra, Dyer, Neville, Goldsmith, etc.

I did start another book on the concept of being the reader's life coach.  That book would consist of affirmations, methods, and schedules for reprogramming your subconscious in a systematic way for success, health, and happiness.

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