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Christopher Hitchens was an author best known for his work as a columnist. Born in Portsmouth, England, in 1949, his family moved around because of his father’s naval service. His mother had insisted that he was educated as a member of the upper class.

Having become politically active in college, Hitchens’ began his journalistic career as a writer for International Socialism magazine in 1970. After graduating from Oxford University the following year, he began working at the Times Higher Education Supplement as a social science reporter.

Hitchens went on to work as a television researcher before working on the New Statesman. In 1981, he went to America to work for The Nation, which he eventually left in 2002. In 1992, he became a contributing editor of Vanity Fair. He also wrote monthly essays for The Atlantic.

The author of numerous books, Hitchens wrote about topics as diverse as the Elgin Marbles, Mother Teresa, Henry Kissinger, and his own life. His first book, published in 1976, was Callaghan, The Road to Number Ten, which was co-authored by Peter Kellner. This was followed by Cyprus, published in 1984, of which Hitchens was the sole author.

Much of Hitchens’ work reflected his political and philosophical viewpoints. This was especially true of his books about religion, such as 2007’s God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. His support for the Iraq War was published in 2003 as A Long Short War.

His memoir, Hitch-22, was published in 2010. While on a book tour in support of the memoir, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He died in 2011.


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