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I'm a nineteen-year-old aspiring writer who wants nothing more than to have my work read and enjoyed.

Story: Playing in Traffic


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What is the best writing advice you've ever heard?
The best writing advice I've ever heard was to disregard any advice and do what you personally think will work for the story.
When you start a new story do you prepare an outline in advance or do you just jump right in?
I always jot down the major plot points of the story and when I'm finished, I go back and add all the details.
How do you deal with writing criticism, apart from just ignoring it?
I prefer when my work is criticized as opposed to just being praised. Improvement is always possible and as long as the criticism is constructive and not blatantly tearing my work to shreds just for the sake of it, I appreciate it.
America's Next Author has been running for almost 8 weeks. If you could re-submit now, would you change anything about your story?
Whenever I go back and reread any story of mine, I find spots that I would like to enhance. Nevertheless, I never submit any work without believing that it is the best I can do at that point in time.


Margaret Alice

Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
You had a really cool concept! I loved the idea of the teleportation barriers. The only thing I didn't like was that it ended so soon! I didn't want to stop reading about the world on the other side and the mystery behind it. If you were able to extend this into a longer story, it would definitely be an interesting read. Could you please check out my sci-fi short story, "The Fate Continuum?" Good luck!

Lisa Rose

Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
Your story is very unique and I absolutely loved it. Shaun, Michelle, Julie and Desmond are very vivid characters and quite memorable. With just a few sentences you drew me into their world and although I knew that Shaun was a jerk, I wanted him to make it home. There was one mistake that I noticed. You wrote: 'As soon as her little brother went missing, she was reduced to tissues and sobs. 'Then in the next paragraph: Of course, Michelle was too attached to her big brother to accept the truth.' Was Desmond her little brother or was he older than Michelle? But really good and original story. If you have the time please read my story 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.

Keddy Marshall

Rating starRating starRating starRating star
I have to admit that I didn't see the end of this one coming. Nice Job! If you could, please check out my story called The Birthday Party. Thanks!

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