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Dr. Otterholt is partially retired and works as a business consultant, therapist, and author. For the past ten years he has volunteered at a State prison conducting inmate Christian Workshops on anger and low self-esteem.

He has a bachelor’s degree in business technology, master’s degrees in human behavior and psychological counseling, and a doctorate in clinical psychology.

He conducted wellness groups at a church, an assisted living center, and a convalescent center. He taught computer programming and information systems at two colleges, and information systems management at two universities, one private, the other a State university.

During WWII, he taught operation and maintenance of U.S. Navy anti-aircraft fire-control equipment. He was responsible for shipboard operation and maintenance. After the war, he serviced business accounting machines and computers for IBM Corporation, and managed equipment maintenance. He taught and managed the design of business information systems. He taught computer programming and business and information systems management to customers. He managed systems development for business and local government, and was regional Director of Data Systems for the Federal Government. He was later Regional Director of Quality Assurance in the procurement of products from 200 manufacturers.

He has authored books, How to be Your Own Good Samaritan (out of print), this book, ABC’s of Emotions: Help Inside, and Jesus, Savior and Psychologist to the World: Renew Your Mind, completed but not yet published.

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"ABCs" of Emotions: Help Inside PDF download by Ph.D. Howard Otterholt
"ABCs" of Emotions: Help Inside
Ph.D. Howard Otterholt
Otterholt Family Trust, April 2012
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