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I'm 19 attending University of Maryland majoring in Computer Science. I'm actually looking to write as a career or at least something to do and enjoy on the side. I love to write and I have been for almost four years, I just recently completed two books both unpublished with four more on the way, which I am currently writing. My current genre is Lesbian teen romance, I find that this genre is usually not written a lot in the style that I write it in, I'm a huge advocate for LGBT romances and I love writing them for teens and others alike. I also have all my stories posted on wattpad for my fans and others to view my work.

Story: Somewhere Only We Know


Lisa Rose

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Okay, basically this is a good story. The switching points of view make it a little confusing at first. But if you do it consistently after every paragraph and leave a break it would work. You already know that it needs a good proof read. Try reading it outloud to yourself this will help you catch mistakes. I wish we could go back and edit out stories again. You also need punctuation at the end of your dialogue. You wrote: "Dude help me" I turned to Alex who was laughing at my distress. It should be like this: "Dude, help me," I turned to Alex who was laughing at my distress." Don't let anyone discourage you, keep writing. If you have the time please read my story 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.

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There are a few errors with some mispellings and extra words but its obvious what the author meant, I don't know what the person below meant, but it is readable. Overall I liked the story as a whole just needs a few editing. So I give it four stars.


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Here are a few sentences that are just awful and impossible to read: I don’t see why its not “proper” the guys get to where so why can’t I. Sean asked another good friend of mine who was dating Ali personally I think they make a cute couple Ali is about 5’4 with brown shoulder length hair she has big brown eyes a plump lips and a heart shaped face that complements her features while Sean has dirty blond hair that is spiked with light green eyes. “Man she’s hot Ash I don’t see why you don’t like her, you have half of the girls in this school drooling over you shit, you even have a freaking fan club, the gods have blesses you Ash, you have to teach me your ways masters” Alex bowed to me while I turned my nose up at the thought of Cynthia and I together as a couple. I mean I mine well seeing as though I'm built like one. ---------- The dialog has no iota of authenticity or realism. The story didn't really go anywhere and the writing rushed to get there. This story needs so much work and editing, i'm sorry. It's pretty much unreadable. Maybe English isn't your first language? I don't know.

Book lover

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I don't know what all the hype is....I expected a flawless story. Don't get me wrong, great story! I personally was disappointed by the grammar, the editing errors, and the way the story jumped from one persons view point to the other. It went from "I" being Ash to "I" being Gabrielle. More than once, I scrolled back up once I realized I had missed something. It made the story a little harder to follow than it should have been. Add all of that together, and I really am struggling not to give this story a three star review. I am going for the four star for ONE reason only. Alot of these short stories don't actually have an ending. They just stop in the middle of nowhere. I respect that this author included the ending, and made this a true short story, that was well written.


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this was mind blowing 5 stars all day


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Awesome story, A Must Read.


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I love all of her stories and this one was awesome :P


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i love all her stories. Can't wait for the other stories to come!!


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big fan of inu_mike, always has the best gxg stories.


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I so love this author inu_mike, on wattpad she's kinda master of gxg stories!!!


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I love it always a fan of inu_mike

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