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Although I was born in the Desert, I have the hots for cold weather, though I was born in the Spring time on May sixteenth, I have a thing for the Winter. I am terrified of the dark, but I enjoy Horror films. Everything about me is complex, which is the ingredient to a wonderful broad fiction. I am a young aspiring Fiction author, currently residing in Central Florida.

Story: Objects



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I'm a fan of pretty much anything involving suspense and horror. Not bad, but it was pretty difficult to keep up with everything going on. Overall, a good read.

Wendy S

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I loved the story, the twist and turns of it. I would love to see this get edited properly and make this story shine! I am one who can look past the faults of a story and see the gem it is. I really did enjoy it and would like to read more. If you have a minute or two would you be willing to read my story "Hiding in Plain Sight" and leave a review? Thank you~ Keep on writing

Lisa Rose

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You need to work on the structure of your stories. They need a beginning, middle and end. This story is just a jumble of ideas and really hard for the reader to follow. Also, it was three paragraghs, when it probably should have been twenty or more. Everytime a different person speaks, you should start a new paragraph. I also noticed some grammar issues, but I am not so great at that myself. Don't stop writing though. We do this for ourselves and if you like to do it, do it. If you want to read my story and write a review, feel free. The title is Drift Away.

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Not a great read
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