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Where to even begin? Before a writer, I am a devoted mommy and wife. I've been working on a ton of projects lately, but writer's block seems to come in frequent spurts. I'm native to a small town in New Jersey (no, we are not all fist pumping orange fools). My writing career began as a child, beginning when I wrote two books for Young Authors in Elementary school, & won a writing contest for an anti-drugs and alcohol campaign for my hometown’s local newspaper. In Jr. High and High School, I wrote several poems for the school’s literary magazine, Spectrum. As an adult, several of my poems were featured in's annual poetry compilations. In 2008, I began penning my first novel, Yours, Eternally which was completed in January, 2012. In 2011, I began writing a children's series, The Alphabet Kid Fairies and a volume of erotic short stories, Sexy Little Stories (Not for the Prude), along with completing my first volume of poetry, The Mind of a Mad Genius, and the completion of several short stories of various genres. Also on my list of accomplishments and the most cherished of the all was the completion of Blood Lineage, a new-age vampire story that was started by my childhood friend, Amy in 2008. I've since finished the story in her honor after her sudden passing in June, 2011. Currently, I am a full-time employee of a local Honda dealership, & in June, 2011, I joined Goddess Magazine as a contributing writer. I continue to reside in NJ with my husband, young son, & beagle/coonhound mix. Aside from being a full-time mother, wife & employee, I spend my free enjoying a vast array of movies and music, and, of course, writing!

Story: Fringe Benefits


Alyce Wilson

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This delectable piece reminded me of the movie "Secretary," which if you haven't already seen it you should absolutely rent it! You have a talent for writing which is enticing but not overly flowery, which is the mistake of many neophyte writers of erotica. If anything, I thought her feelings about Solomon were resolved a little too quickly and conveniently, and I thought the ending was a little too easy. Still, kudos! Please take a moment and read my story, "Dating Safari," which focuses on courtship, rather than consummation. I'd love to hear your comments.


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50 shades of Blah.

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