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Joanie Demer, co-author of "Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey" and co-founder of, has always had an eye for a bargain. Joanie has been bragging about how little she spends on everything for years: from her wardrobe and now her groceries! She never imagined she could take her tight-wad tendencies and create a successful business simply by taking her saving to the next level and sharing what she’d been doing all along.

No stranger to being a work at home mom, Joanie is an accomplished pianist and taught lessons from home for eight years before her full-time coupon conversion! Now, Joanie spends her days balancing her business while playing mother to son, Landon, daughter, Cameron, and wife to her active-duty Coast Guard husband. Running a family household on a single military income, Joanie learned quickly how to stretch a dollar!

Three months after becoming a Krazy Coupon Lady, Joanie’s life unexpectedly veered off course when her husband lost his job and medical insurance, her family sold their house, Joanie’s daughter was hospitalized unexpectedly, and her husband left for two months of military boot camp. In an instant, she went from debt-free, financial comfort to economic peril! But because of her coupon skills and the stockpile of food she’d built, all spending essentially stopped until the medical bills were paid. Joanie’s family was able to completely live off of the stockpiled groceries, and regain debt-free status within a few short months.

Joanie’s national media includes TLC Extreme Couponing, The Today Show, The Nate Berkus Show, Fox & Friends, and Better TV.

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