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John "The Dinosaur" Pecsi is from Galesburg, Illinois and enjoy slingging words and spinning tales for your mind! Step on up, everything must go!!!!

Story: The Discord


Rose Burke

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I hope this is only the beginning of a novel or much longer story! The concept is definitely intriguing, and has peaked my curiosity. Love the references to the matrix. Great read! If you get a chance check out my story This Girl and a Bartender, thanks!

Wendy S

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Definately an interesting story with a new twist! I liked the story and also the ending. There were a few things that could use some editing on. If you do edit, make sure you do the best you can, You only get one shot at editing the story. If you could spare a minute or two woud you please read my story "Hiding in Plain Sight" and leave a review? Thak you~

Lisa Rose

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This story was strange, to say the least. Sorry, I didn't like it. There were a lot of misspellings and the story was hard to read. It did not hold my attention. There was too much 'following' and not enough leading with interesting dialogue instead of descriptive prose. If you would like, read my story, 'Drift Away' and leave a review, letting me know what you think of it.

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