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Joshua Peete, founder of, wanted to provide a resource for those researching multiple aspects of philosophy. In 2002, he decided to pick through his collection of philosophy writings and chose a variety for viewers to use for research. Since then, the popularity of the website has expanded. It is now featured in multiple college curriculums, linked to most major philosophy websites, and is listed in many search engine directories.

Joshua Peete was formally trained in philosophy at California State University, Sacramento. He currently serves as a credentialed teacher in rural Siskiyou County, California. He is married to Heather Rae Peete who is also a credentialed elementary teacher.

In 2007, Joshua Peete completed Euthanasia: A Guide to All Sides, a book that shows all sides of the euthanasia debate.

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Euthanasia: A Guide to All Sides PDF download by Joshua Peete
Euthanasia: A Guide to All Sides
Joshua Peete
-, April 2012
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