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My career as an educator/administrator prepared me with tools to successsfuly engage in vocations that are especial. Supporting youngsters creative skills have indeed sharpened my own. My stories are collected from my life experiences. I am an artist, photographer and a writer. I believe my enthusiasm and zest will be appealing to readers of all ages. Alegria 10.22.12



Alyce Wilson

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For me, the heart of this story is finding the lost doe, and I would love to see you expand that into a full story. You could work into that piece your descriptions of this lovely area, serving the story of this connection with the doe. While that episode is resolved quite easily here, you could focus on the feeling of protectiveness and the connection you felt with the doe. Perhaps, you could imagine possible bad outcomes for her if the doe's family did not return: would you be able to care for it? Would it fall prey to predators? I would suggest taking the lovely portions about Cape May and converting them, instead, into a personal essay. I hope you find that useful. Please take a moment and read my story, "Dating Safari," and give me your feedback.

Lisa Rose

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While the writing is quite beautiful, it really doesn't seem like a story; more of a travel log. I really enjoyed your description of this beautiful little town. I did notice where several words were missing also some punctuation marks. If you could find the time, please read my story, 'Drift Away' and write a review to let me know if you liked it.

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