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K.E. Arden Davis was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. She is married and has two children. Her passion has always been writing creative fiction and has aspired to be the next Stephen King since she was ten years old. She enjoys horror movies and books, anime, painting, drawing, photography, comics, horseback riding, and nearly all genres of music.

Story: Enjoy the Silence


HM Gruendler-Schierloh

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I usually don't read horror stories, but this one drew me in from beginning to end. Uh, how creepy - and it is well-written. If you still get the chance, check out my contribution, Ben's Harem!


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Very nicely done! well written and fantastic narrative. Formatting was a bit tight but I think that is a quirk of the site, not yours. I enjoyed it! Have a look at my story, also horror. I hope we don't have to vote against eachother at any stage!!

A L Motsy

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I am a lover of all things creepy,scary and paranormal; so I enjoyed this tale very much. Congrats on a really well written horror story!

Lisa Rose

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You know how when you're watching a great horror movie and you are on the edge of your seat, screaming inside, at the idiot on the screen? Leaning so far up that you are practically ready to fall out of your chair. Well, I had my nose almost pressed to my computer screen. Loved it! If you have the time, please read my story, 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.

Jester Queen

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I loved the buildup and the grisly descriptions. The conclusion was delightful. (Um. I'm a horror fan. I'l leave delightful to stand for the record, but anybody expecting pixies and a box of chocolates will be sorely surprised.) I felt there was a little too much telling about the farmer (mild mannered) when it is actually shown quite well in his actions.


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I am a huge Stephen King fan so your profile had me intrigued. I really enjoyed this story and think you have a wonderful gift in writing. Good luck in this competition! Keep up the great work!

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