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My Name is Kyle Bernard. I'm 27 years old African Amercian man that lives in Union New Jersey. I have gradurated from Union County College my major was Audio Production. I als work at a radio station. I started writing at the age of 14 when I started wring some of my own orginal poetry that has won one award. Afte I won that award I decided do soemthing totally different so I started and almost finished a full length movie script that was entitled "The Six Element." I soon lost my movie script after I moved to another twon in New Jersey. After four years I started writing again. I have wrote 10 orginal and fresh short stories (Not Yet Publish) I also written my 1st full length book of a series of book (Alos not yet Publish) and I also in the process of finishing my 1st novel.

Story: "The Exile Orb"


Alyce Wilson

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For me, this story really got started where the narrator's lunch gets knocked out of his hands, just before the aliens arrive. I think you could minimize the running around and dialogue involved with the action and provide a clearer story that would be very exciting. I love the idea of aliens coming to earth and taking it out on bullies, and I think you would do well to explore that idea more. Don't give up! Please take a moment, if you can, to read and comment on my story, "Dating Safari."

M.J. Milner

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Fun narrative stream. Good sense of story. Might improve from some dialogue exchanges that have two separate voices that are really opposed to each other. I enjoyed it and hope to see more from you next year. Check out my story if you'd like AND the music video I put up. I'd like your opinion on that K.R. Never give up, bro. You got my vote! :-)


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I think Lisa Rose's dedication to reading every single story in this competition is an act of generosity, kindness and patience that will never be duplicated by anyone. While, like most people, I was raised according to the maxim, "if you haven't got anything nice to say, it's better to say nothing at all," some of the stories in this contest have really forced me to make, or consider making harsh comments. This story was one of them. Instead of articulating them completely, I am just going to throw my support behind Lisa Rose's grammar and punctuation lesson above.

Lisa Rose

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I'm sorry, Kyle, but your story is just a jumble of ideas that are very hard to read. You have a serious problem with run-on sentences. A sentence should express one idea and then stop. Here is one example of a run-on sentence: 'This means that I'm always talk about or laugh at when I walk by groups of students, I'm always getting bully by group of bullies called N.O.K., I never could get a girl to like me, because I guess I'm that different from everyone else.' To begin with, you need to watch your tenses. In the above sentence, talk should be talked; and laugh should be laughed; bully should be bullied. You could make three sentences out of the one you used. Your story started out in a bad way and grew worse. You need to find someone to help you work on your sentence structure. Try reading your stories out loud to yourself. This will help you catch some of those mistakes.

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