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Katie Rendon Kahn is a working mother of three. She currently attends North West Florida State College and was the 2012 Editor's Prize winner for The Black Water Review. She has Also been published in Barefoot Review, Chasing The Dawn Anthology,and Endless Poetry.

Story: The Things We Hold On To



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It was a good story, well told. The emotions of the daughter was clear, not so much the mother's. I liked the resolution that came with mutual understanding at the end. Sometimes if we just make an effort to understand the other person and where they're coming from, our relationships would go so much better! Well done.

Lisa Rose

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Very good story, the dialogue was believable and honest. I can relate. See I have this box in my attic... If you have the time please read my story,'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.


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Will, you have emotion in this story, and I like how they care for each other great job

Traveling girl

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This wondering painted story is filled with vivid, heartbreaking recollections, lingering pain of personal loss and its' debillitating affects. This talented author, has brought to us a personal story, one that it at times, makes it difficult not to cry with empathy for both, Katie and her mother. There is so much more, we, as the reader, want to know about this story. The author, Katie, so eloquently draws us into her life, her pain and her very painful dilemma. Write more, Katie, write more for us!


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I thought that this was a great read with layers of emotion. It seems that the mom and daughter have switched roles. I thought that the backstory was handled very well and the tone remained true throughout. I think that the characters were memorable and the plot was solid.

Verbose Lobster

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I can relate to this story. I'm going through something similar, only I don't have to deal with funerals. Thank you for a decent read. Unfortunately, the characters weren't memorable enough.

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