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I've been writing since I was a little kid, before I knew being a "writer" was a thing. It was just my way of expressing myself, living out fears and hopes through characters. I write long fiction and it's still my dream to be published, even though I tell people that I'm happy enough just writing. That's a lie. It will happen for me one day. I'm sure of it.

Story: People Who Knew Me


Lisa Rose

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Careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Natlie wished a car would kill her and...she was declared dead. Perfect! Yeah, it was the coward's way out. But if you were living a life you didn't know how to escape from and then... poof! Your wish is granted. Wouldn't you grab it? Almost anybody would. Very nice. If you have the time please read my story, 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.


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A very good read. Heartfelt and tragic, yet inspiring. Kimberly's writing style slowly reveals the thoughts, desires, and fears of her main character. Pulling you in just enough to care. And when her inner struggle is finally confronted, it is resolved in a way that is unexpected and genuine. Feeling more human than formulaic in nature. Nice work!


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Wow. Kimberly Hooper wrote a brilliant piece. This author has a unique flair and style and I want to read more...So refreshing to find an author who challenges her reading audience with such finesse. Great work!


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I think this is a very good story. Relationships are never easy and the dynamics portray is believable. One may not like the characters but that should not distract from the merit of the story.


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I think this story is rather under appreciated. I didn't like the main character, but her point in this story wasn't to be liked. She was as flawed and as human as any of us, and that I liked. She was stuck in a rut, in a marriage that she was unhappy in, but didn't have the courage to take the high road out. But somehow when the moment came that she had a chance at a fresh new start, she took in, and that in itself required a form of courage that some lack. She was believably written as a woman bored of her marriage, fed up of the man she thought she had married, this author has got some serious writing chops. I'm in the competition as well, but I will give props when I see it.

Book lover

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Oi! This woman was so weak! And she chose a cowards way out! I tried to like it. I re-read the story and told myself not to be so critical of the lead character...but her cowardic is just astounding! The story itself is compelling and draws you in...I just couldn't get past the main character being such a wuss...


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I wanted to love this story. From the description, I was expecting someone in an abusive marriage who finally met the love of her life, and decided to risk everything - aided by such a major tragedy - to get away from him. Instead, the entire story was about the woman whining that she didn't have the courage to say no to a man who wanted to marry her for no good reason. A man she apparently didn't even like much or respect enough to be honest with. Rather than just come clean, she used an unspeakable tragedy to run away. Sure her life changed - arguably for the better, but now her life is a complete and utter lie and always will be. Not a good read.


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I really loved it.

Graphic Desinger

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Love it!


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Love this story.


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Ohhhh, DAMMIT. I'm in this competition, too, and was hoping everyone else would be mediocre and pedantic, and then I came across this story. In a post-9/11 literary world in which everybody tries to pathetically write about the event (or mimic Jonathan Safran Foer's "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" to no avail), you've written a real piece about a real, flawed person who uses this horrific tragedy as an advantage. It's a bit sick of the heroine, but I dig that and I appreciate the real voice and the honesty of the situation as depicted by her narrative. I know some people may get all up-in-arms about That Day, but I appreciate the human-side of irreverence - the idea that not every victim was a saint and that every single person had his/her way of moving on. This is a genius piece of literature. Well done.


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What a juicy lead in. I want more. Give me more, dammit.


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Good opening hook, excellent suspence and intrigue along the way, and an interesting and unexpected finish. Loved the character development and the detailed thoughts and emotions from Nat's POV. Many can relate to the struggles, sacrifices, fears, and frictions that can accompany any relationship. I don't know if I buy into not being "meant to be," but maybe communication and honesty is key to any long-lasting relationship.


Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
Loved it!!!! Thanks Kimberly.


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Loved it! Had me from the opening line!


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This story is thoroughly engrossing. It just pulls you in right away. I love the complexity of the main character. I think, secretly, everyone can relate to her, even if they consider her actions crazy. Would love to hear more from this author!

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