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Kimberly has had a few jobs: candy striper, sales, waiting tables, IRS tax collector, corporate manager, and office lady at a middle school, among others. She enjoyed many of those jobs (and they provide great background for books) but she found her joy when she became a writer, the job she dreamed of doing since childhood.

Okay, but write about what?

They say you should write what you know. Kimberly didn’t need to be a detective to figure out what she ought to write. Now when she sits at her laptop to spin a story, she knows how lucky she is to finally be doing the thing she loves.

Kimberly Reid grew up in Atlanta where she lived some of the same experiences Chanti Evans does in the Langdon Prep series: she attended a prep school where she did not fit in, her mom was a police detective and she always wanted to help her solve crimes. Like Chanti, she has lived most of her life around law enforcement types.

But that's about where the similarities end. Kimberly is way too conflict-averse (scared) to be a detective although she did give her two cents on some of her mother’s cases whether asked or not.

She now lives in Colorado, which is why she has Chanti solving crimes in the beautiful city of Denver. It’s a lot like any other big city except the mountains make it feel like you’re home but also on vacation.

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Kimberly Reid
NLA Digital LLC, April 2014
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