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Hi all authors and readers alike! I'd love to welcome you to my little world. I tend to write very teenage oriented stuff which I hope you enjoy.

Story: Thinking About Him


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What is the best writing advice you've ever heard?
Write as much as you can. If you ever get stuck, keep writing anyway or move onto a new story. Then after a few weeks, revisit the previous story you were stuck on - it'll be much clearer to you what works and what doesn't.
When you start a new story do you prepare an outline in advance or do you just jump right in?
It depends, like anything else in life. With 'Thinking About Him' I began with a sweet, feminine character who's a little shy and likes a boy. After that, the other little aspects came into the story which I added in the editing process.


Lisa Rose

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Your story was interesting. I liked the part with the text messaging. Teenagers would really get into that , (I'm not sure that I figured it all out but I got the gist of it). What do you do when you like someone and you know that someone else also likes them. Do you go for it or do you step out of the way and see what happens with the relationship? Dailey and Coran have some issues that need to be resolved between them. There was one sentence that I noticed that is a bit awkward. You wrote: 'He ran his fingers through his hair, almost like he was thinking I'm stupid for listening to them.' The way that you wrote it, it sounds like she is listening to his fingers running through his hair. I'm pretty sure that you meant he was thinking that he was stupid for listening to his friends. Maybe try it like this: Coran ran his fingers through his hair. By the look on his face he was thinking that he had been stupid for listening to them. (Maybe something like that). Again good story. If you have the time please read my story 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.

Keddy Marshall

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I really liked your story. I would love to see more of this in a full length novel! If you would...please check out my story on here called The Birthday Party. Thanks!

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