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I started teaching at age five when my four year old cousin was crestfallen, because he could not go to kindergarten when I did. I taught him to read that year and never stopped teaching. I was named Teacher of the Year, twice, and it was both a joyous part of my teaching life and a humbling one. I figured I better devote the rest of my career to trying to live up to such high expectations. I eventually became a Superintendent of a school district and our mission was to educate, with dignity, every child in our care. I like to think we had many more successes than failures. I am happily married with a wonderful son and daughter-in-law and -- like “Prarie Home Companion” children -- a grandchild who is certainly above average. It will be obvious from my Memoir that I spent part of my childhood growing up in the Deep South.

Story: In the Company of Women


Lisa Rose

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As I read your story, I kept hearing the voice of the narrator on To Kill A Mockingbird. Truly an engaging story. Your were spot on with your descriptions of the roles of the family. I can remember yelling this myself, "Mom, look at me!" If you have the time please read my story 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.

A L Motsy

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Being a woman from the south, I can totally relate to this era in time. I was one of the "summer children." This story brought back many wonderful memories for me. The author was masterful in her words and in her imagry of that time in life when things were simple and slow paced. A great read and wonderfully written!


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An exceptionally sensual memoir that portrays a period of American family history with outstanding texture and coherence. The reader is transported to summertime in the Deep South via a child's point of view, a glorious carefree time when fifities' mothers and their Black maids lived secret lives children sensed but ignored in their bliss. The author's ability to create the feel of a time in history through sense and to portray women of that time in a uniquely heroic but unsung manner is evidence of creative skill and story one rarely encounters in a piece this short. I look forward to the treat of reading anything else I can find by Mrs. Linda Larson.


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This will resonate with anyone who spent any time in the south. Keen eye for detail in a memoir of a "simpler" time. Voice feels authentic. Anumber of those insights we all like to garner from our reading.

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