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I am a lover of horses, gardening, artsy-fartsy stuff, and of course writing. I love to write a good story and read good books to my family and friends. We live on a farm in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Some would not like the extreme seasons, but I love them! Hot summers to enjoy the horses and long, cold winters to write or do my art.

Story: One-Horn Jack


Lisa Rose

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I really liked the second part of your story. I had a few issues with the beginning. First we didn't know the old man was Fred and second we didn't know that he was dreaming. The abrupt shift is confusing. It could be fixed just by adding (and he dreamed) to your sentence. If you have the time please read my story, 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.


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This is a very sweet story, but there are some structural problems that should be easy enough to fix. I just came across this article on twitter about the most common mistakes new fiction writers make. I certainly learned a lot from it for my own work and I thought you might like it too. Good luck in the contest, Kate


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I love the story and I'm not a heavy reader. Reminds me of my own parents adventure and experiences.

chubby bunny

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A very touching story. It reminded me of sitting and listening to an elderly person telling a tale from their youth. Docked some points for technical reasons.


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I really enjoyed your story! I loved the values and the heart behind them. Keep writing!


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The number two guy became the number one guy...again. Good trick. Good story.

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