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Meg has been writing since she was a teen. At twenty-five, she has recently published her first short story and is eagerly awaiting the publication of her second, due out in January with Nightscape Press. In addition to her writing, she is a student of Texas Women's University and a hopeful candidate for a creative writing M.F.A.

Story: The Thoughtbringer


Alyce Wilson

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I loved the mythic quality of this piece but had the same difficulty as some of the other reviewers with following the logic of it. Why are they in a cell, for example? That is never explained. While it's perfectly OK to jump around in time, the reader has to be able to follow it with you. My advice would be to give it to somebody to read and don't give them any background on it, then ask them where they got lost. Nice effort! Please take a moment to read and comment on my story, "Dating Safari," which also draws on Native American spirituality.

Lisa Rose

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I'm sorry, but I didn't really like your story. It jumped from place to place. I understand that is because the god is crazy. It's just not my kind of story, but it was well written. If you have time, please review my entry, 'Drift Away' and let me know if you liked it.


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Beautifully written and wonderfully weird. Love it.

Book lover

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I didn't really enjoy the story. It jumped around and I think it may have been a little confusing because of that. I give the author kudos for trying to write such a tricky subject. I think this may have been better as a novella and probably a bad choice to try to squeeze down into a 5000 word story.

S. E. Cates

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I just adore this sort of writing. So far, a lot of the stories on here have been sort of pretentious but this one is actually amazing. I like that you didn't try to write some tragic high school drama. It's unique and I love the concept.


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A strange but fascinating and beautiful story.


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Loved it!!!!

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