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My name is Maleshia Lewis, I live in aton Rouge La with my family and being a author is my dream. I love writing stories and poems for my family, At school I opened up the programs with one of my poems. I'm talened and I love writing and making people laugh I'm caring and loving.

Story: The Baddest Chicks In The Game


Alyce Wilson

Rating star
I see what you're trying to do here -- capturing the voice of these characters -- but it's not working yet. My advice is to read every Toni Morrison book you can get your hands on. Then read "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Neale Hurston. Then read some poetry by LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka (LeRoi was his given name, and Amiri was a name he changed it to later), Nikki Giovanni and Sonia Sanchez. All of them, to different degrees, do the sort of thing you're trying to do, and I think you could learn a lot from them. Please take a look at my story, "Dating Safari," and leave your comments.

Lisa Rose

Rating star
This story is bad. But not in a good way. You need punctuation, periods, quotation marks. It is almost impossible to read.


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Street. That is what this story seeks to be. It wants to be Hip Hop Lit Rap Dub True street. This story seeks to be something raw, something new and something that pries apart assumptions to get inside the reader. That is what that story seeks to be, but there needs to be space where there should be space between words. There needs to be one simple present tense throughout to keep every event in the here and now. There needs to be quotation marks and paragraph returns to tell the reader when they are listening to a telephone conversation and when they are tapped into a stream of consciousness. This author needs to look at text. Needs to look at Burroughs, at Tupac on the page, at Sky Writing by Word of Mouth, at Langston Hughes and Toni Morrison's Jazz. This author needs to tap into heritage and find a writing hero or heroine to get her into the hip hop lit rap dub true.

Book lover

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The amount of stories with multiple mistakes, in the first sentence, is driving me crazy! In a writing contest I would expect people to have someone edit their story...a friend, or a teacher, or someone.... The editing needs help, the grammar needs help.

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