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I am a columnist for a newspaper. Write for one newspaper at the moment. I enjoy humour and writing with surprise. The story I am submitting I hope is acceptable though it contains words like nudity and other shady words, the intent is to amuse rather than inflame.

Story: Standoff At Shitty Shorts Pass


A L Motsy

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I tried very hard to get into the story, but to me it seemed choppy and was trying too hard to be humorous.The characters were one demintional. Perhaps it might be better in a longer story where the background is more known to the reader. Humor is a difficult thing to achieve as it is different for every individual. I'm sorry, I wanted to like the story.


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I tried so hard to laugh, but it was just too crude and smelly for me. At times, it reminded me of a typical trucker country music song, but it broke the beat too many times for me to get swept up in the melody. I am sure that's just a matter of taste. Humour is one of the most difficult genres to master for universal appeal and this piece just did not do it for me.

Lisa Rose

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You had me with the name of your story. I just had to read it. Funny without being vulgar. Finally, a lady after my own heart. Please, would you read my story Drift Away and let me know what you think by writing a review.


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not bad.


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Absolutely hilarious and well the description is very good and the flow is easy to follow.


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Love, love, loved it! The story has a great rhythm and the descriptions are hilarious.

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