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Naras Bhat, M.D., F.A.C.P., is a physician, board-certified in Internal Medicine Immunology and Allergy, and also certified in Metabolic Cardiology and Stress Management. He currently teaches at the University of California, Berkeley and was a professor of behavioral medicine at Rosebridge College of Integrative Psychology. Dr. Bhat is the author of the internationally known book, How to Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer. He also wrote a course book for his U.C. Berkeley class, Unlearning Test Anxiety and Stress and produced two popular videos, Uprooting Anger and Meditation Prescription. Born in India and educated in the West, Dr. Bhat connects Eastern disciplines with Western high-tech medicine using computer feedback systems known as cybernetics. Dr. Bhat is the founder and director of the Cybernetix Medical Institute, located in Concord, California. His active stress and heart disease reversal clinic has training programs for patients, physicians, and health care workers.

Research: Dr. Bhat has done extensive research on how stress affects the heart from the perspective of heart-centered physiology, called cardio-neuro-immunology. This work focuses on how the heart rate and blood pressure are changed by emotions, such as anger or loving kindness. To further his research, Dr. Bhat traveled to the Himalayas to study the physiology of spiritual sages during meditation by utilizing biofeedback technology.

Dr. Bhat was president of The Biofeedback Society of California (2002) and a board member of the mind-body organization ,Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (, professor of Meditation at the University of Natural Medicine , ) Dr. Bhat’s work has been cited in National TV, Time Magazine, Cardiology Today, Business Week, The Contra Costa Times, and The San Francisco Examiner. India Currents also published an article on cover page about Dr. Bhat and his healing work. Medical Economics featured Dr. Bhat's approach to stress control in Strategic Medicine.Dr. Bhat has conducted more than 500 seminars on “Do-able Stress Control for the 21st Century” “Reversing Heart Disease’ and “Time Management by Attentional Intelligence.” He has shared his wisdom internationally with over 100,000 people. His “Doctor’s Doctor” Program has taught thousands of physicians in North America, Europe, and Asia how to recover from the “wounded healer syndrome.” In 2001 at England’s Cambridge University, Dr. Bhat’s presentation: “Time and Focus Management—Tools for Stress Control,” earned him the honor of being recognized as one of The 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century

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How to Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer PDF download by Naras Bhat MD FACP
How to Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer
Naras Bhat MD FACP
Cybernetix Publishers, April 2012
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