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Nas has always been interested in natural beauty and things that Nature has to provide. She believes that we are blessed with beauty in our surroundings and within ourselves and what best place to improve the way we look through Nature herself. "All of the creations are all beautiful", she says, "we just have to find it, recognize it and appreciate it. This way, we become more confident and able to face whatever life has to offer us. We must realize that, being part of God's wonderful creations, we are perfect in our own ways. Even if we feel that we have some flaws, we are perfect in our flaws. Maybe that takes time and some courage to work out but realizing that really helps us in our day-to-day life". Nas has spent a long time looking into and experimenting on recipes that enhance our looks and thus came out with this initial book. She has learnt from her own and others’ experiences what helps us to improve our looks.

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Beautiful You! PDF download by Nas M.
Beautiful You!
Nas M.
Naseema, April 2012
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