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There is an enriching pride to the cadences of Naz Tliachev’s poetry that is uniquely Russian. The poet, a native of Ufa, on the Central Siberian steppes, follows an Akhmatovan format in the way of metric presentation. Wise to the ways of the world, Tliachev nevertheless harks back to a “golden” boyhood in his motherland. Defined further, readers shall take golden to mean a state where everything shines with the light of home – a secure, wide-open place hidden in the fastnesses of spring. Sometimes pithy, often compassionate, Tliachev always shows that he has never abandoned Russia.

The glitzy, gimmicky lifestyle of Los Angeles (which is ironically placed in the “Golden State” of California) seems to have colored this globetrotter’s world-view. It happens often with people who find a second home a necessity for business. The digital photo and painterly illustrations for the poems defy classification and probably grew out of the poet’s imagination. Taken all in all, the L.A. schtick and the illustrations provide a filmic ambience to the entire work in Don’t Dream. Scenes from around the world abound in this book. But in reiteration, Tliachev always has the same company he has kept, and that is his Russian heart. It takes everything in stride such as ironic fun taken with an original vision that the poet utilizes to record the eras of a lifetime in his books: Golden Time, Angel of Sorrow and Don’t Dream.

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