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R.K. Sidler writes in a variety of genres to include non-fiction, fiction fantasy, children's, and psychological suspense. His self-published titles include: What Religion's Don't Want You to Expose' of Belief Systems, and his recently released Dystopian Science-Fiction Fantasy novel- MuTerra. He lives in Colorado U.S.A. with his wife and two high maintenance dachshunds.

Story: A Casualty of Time


Teresa Garcia

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Excellent story, I only just found it. I particularly like the stream of consciousness and the character speaking directly to me. It really works for this story, and I did not find it confusing. It leaves me wanting to know how Turner got in this state? An accident? Heart attack? Just being in the wrong spot at the wrong time and catching a bullet? Stroke? Whichever of these it is is not relevant, and I think that leaving that detail to the imagination made the story more poignant.

Wendy S

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This is a very good story and really makes you stop and think, It doesn't matter how they wound up where they were, just that they wish they had more time to do things they had put off. Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. Thank you for writing this story! If you could spare a minute or two could you please read my story and leave a review please? My story is Hiding in Plain Sight. Thank you very much!

Lisa Rose

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Why is it that people really only understand what is important when it is too late to do anything about it? Your story gave me the urge to shut off my computer and look for my loved ones. Thanks for sharing it. Please, if you have the time read my story, Drift Away and leave a review.


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I had a hard time following it! Was the character in a car accident? I wasn't sure what happened.

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