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I received a Master's Degree in business from a major university. I’m a director in three different investment companies. I’m a vice president in one of the country’s largest regional banks. And I also have three businesses of my own I run and enjoy. I like staying busy. It’s what I do. It’s what I was trained for. 

I was also involved in the beginning of a trend in the retail industry, which today is used by every major development company in the nation. Even the Federal Government uses it. It's called "Business Incubation." Maybe you've heard of it. The whole point of business incubation is to take people who have a good idea for a business, and teach them how to start and grow a successful business of their own. It was really satisfying. 

I’m not as rich as some I work with, but I’m at the point where I can do mostly what I want, when I want. I have to keep reminding myself I’m still young, and I’ve been very blessed. 

You’ll be blessed too. Doing what you love -- whatever that is -- because you’ll know and use these 5 simple principles. Principals which can be used in any activity and bring Success! 

These principles were learned over years of experience and observation, and in working with some of the most wealthy people in my area of the country. I've spent the last 20+ years researching, studying, and observing what makes businesses (and people) successful. More than that, I've been in the trenches. I've done the work. I've proven their effectiveness! 

In all my research and experience, working first hand with businesses and people, I began to see a common set of principles emerge which were responsible for a large part of the success they enjoyed. I was intrigued.These 5 principles were extremely simple, yet powerful. 

I began to compile notes, to make a record of what I'd observed and experienced. Then I gathered them all into the most concise, basic, and easy to understand language I could find. It was astounding what I discovered! 

These 5 principles have been around for centuries! They are so simple, so easy to use, people are amazed! In fact, you could say they are like secrets hidden in plain sight. Chances are you’ll recognize them right off, but you haven’t recognized the tremendous power concealed within. Most have assumed they are simple platitudes of little worth. Though widely quoted, seldom are they fully lived. 

These 5 principles form a path to prosperity anyone can follow. They are so simple you may be tempted to discount them. Don’t do this! It’s the simplest things that hold the most power. You can make that power work for you! 

Now realizing I wanted to work with more people than I could physically meet with, I decided (like a lot of other people) to write a book. I had one problem, however. I get bored easy. I couldn't just sit down and write a dry, technical book. If I struggled to write it, you'd struggle to read it. To solve both our problems, I went back to my research and studied learning techniques. 

I discovered that the most effective learning is accomplished when the students are relaxed, entertained, and interested. I also learned the most effective teaching is by example, actually showing rather than explaining. 

Using that research, I followed the lead of some of the best teachers I could find, and wove these 5 principles into a story called 5 SMALL THINGS Principals of Prosperity. I know the title isn’t too original, but once you read the story, you’ll forget about the title. You’ll be discovering these 5 principals, and be anxious apply them. The story demonstrates ‘how’ these principles work, giving you a definite example to follow. 

An ancient wise man said, "Out of small and simple things are great things brought to pass." From these 5 SMALL THINGS, great things will come to you. Simply learn what they are, then put them to use.

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5 Small Things; Principals of Prosperity PDF download by Robert J. Adams
5 Small Things; Principals of Prosperity
Robert J. Adams
Buckaroo Press, April 2012
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