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Writing under her pseudonym of Rosemary Lake, the author the ‘Once Upon a Time When the Princess...’ series is a long-time scholar of children’s literature.

Born during WWII, Rosemary grew up in a wooden farmhouse house on a dry wide prairie, pretty close to Kansas. She spent most of her time reading about places like Oz, Neverland, Swallowdale, Oxford, and Narnia. She read all the Oz books, and when the librarian told there were no more, Rosemary decided that when she grew up she would write some more of them herself. She's still working on it.

She soon went very far from Kansas. She married a sailor, lived on an island in Rhode Island ... and at a deserted observatory on a mountain above Boulder, Colorado ... and in a Jain Ashram (where, as might happen in Oz, the monks carry fluffy brooms to harmlessly sweep insects off their cushions).

Today, Rosemary often journeys in a 'travel trailer' that voyages up and down the US Pacific Coast Highway: a neat little house that often parks deep in the woods and turns round and round, just like Baba Yaga's hut.

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Once Upon a Time When the Princess Rescued the Prince PDF download by Rosemary Lake
Once Upon a Time When the Princess Rescued the Prince
Rosemary Lake
Mary Ezzell, April 2012
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