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Ross Cavins is author of the award-winning and often ridiculed book, "Follow The Money" (you can find it here on A self-appointed disciple of Elmore Leonard, he writes from his home in North Carolina where he pretends people pay him to do what he loves. His sense of humor is sort of like Disco; you dance to it even if you don't admit it. After recently signing a literary agent, he's been hard at work readying two novels for submission. You can find him toiling away at,, and

Story: Bobby Joker, Professional Poker Player



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This was well written in the technical sense. At first I thought I saw parallels to Roald Dahl's famous story about flicking the lighter (the one that became a Twilight Zone episode), although the setup was taking a little long. I pushed on and then got grossed out and lost my suspension of disbelief. I thought that *spoiler alert* --I thought that killing everyone at the end was egregious. Would no one call 911? The cops? Even in a low-life place like that? And I do NOT read things where people kill dogs and cats or other pets. Period. The hurting of an innocent dog was also in a New Yorker story that I absolutely hated and that we had to read for a college workshop. I think it is never necessary. Dirty old people, sure, fire away, but animals? Mystery readers have made it clear that they don't like that. So that's my take on it. Your mileage will undoubtedly differ.

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Not a great read
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