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Writing is my life! I think I started writing shortly after I was born (in 1979), and have stories and story ideas dating back to grade school. I love to write fantasy fiction with heavy romance elements. Lots of my books could also be classified as erotica. I love to read, and at first, my writing was a lot of imitating what I read, but then I realized something... Not too many people publish stories featuring weirdos like me! These days, my stories almost always feature something that makes the character different, and is probably one of my 5 weirdnesses. For example, at least half of my heroines are nudists :-D Another philosophy that many of my characters share is: love is never wrong. A person's body is theirs to share - or not - as they choose. I love to smile and laugh, and one of my favorite sayings is, "Have a happy day!" Roxanne

Story: The Dreamer and the Mountain


Book lover

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This story shows that sometimes in life, we get it wrong....Great story with a happy ending!

A Mother's Love

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Makes you wonder what happens after all your dreams come true :-)

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