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Born in the Philippines, RV Siegel migrated to the USA in 1993 armed only with her education, a strong will to succeed, and $50 in her pocket. All she knew was that there was a job waiting for her, which was as good a reason as any to make the trip.

She is now happily married to Barry D. Siegel, JD. The couple has two children - David, aged 5 and Amanda, aged 10 months.

She works as a Professor at South University, School of Nursing, and has practiced as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She specializes in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition.

RV Siegel loves to write children’s books. Her first, to be published in 2006, is “A Bee Called Kangaroo.” It is the first in a series of children’s inspirational books as part of the Starfish on the Shore Book Series.

She is a strong advocate for the rights of the vulnerable and underserved population of America, especially homeless children and children with special needs. As testament to this, 100% of the profits of this book will be donated to Stand Up For Kids [www.standupforkids.org].

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Eat! People Are Starving In Africa! PDF download by RV Siegel
Eat! People Are Starving In Africa!
RV Siegel
Racquel V. Siegel, April 2012
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