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Let's start with the basics and keep it simple, okay? I'm British born and bred, having spent my formative years in London and Southampton, relishing Shakespeare, the Isle of Wight, massively impressive ocean liners and Christmases that owed more to Dickens than Walmart's. I firmly believe that growing up in England set my feet upon the path of literature and eventually led to my current career as a writer, since I also believe that in order to be comfortable writing, you have to be comfortable reading. And golly-gosh, the British school system insisted I read! From the Bard to Lady Chatterly, Jane Austen to Jane Eyre, and a long exhaustive relationship with local writer Thomas Hardy, there were always books lying around my home, friends whose familiar words were not only educative, but comforting at times. How could I not want to write some of my own? Crossing the "Big Pond" and settling in Massachusetts in no way diminished my love of the written word, and before long I had a Regency typed out (on a real IBM Selectric typewriter) and submitted to an agent I serendipitously stumbled across at my job with a local University. It was accepted within a month of the birth of my son.

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Compromising Charis
Sahara Kelly
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