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Samuel K. Freshman, formerly a principal in Freshman, Marantz, Orlanski, Cooper & Klein Law Corporation, of Beverly Hills, California, has lectured and written extensively on Real Estate Financing and Syndication. A graduate of Stanford University and Stanford Law School, he is a general partner in numerous real estate syndications.

As a member of the California Real Estate Commissioner's and California Corpo¬rations Commissioner's Advisory Committees, he assisted in drafting state syndications legislation. Mr. Freshman has served as Chairman of the Legal Committee of the California Real Estate Association, Syndication Division; Secretary of the National Real Estate Securities Institute; and Chairman of the Real Property Committee, Beverly Hills Bar Association. Vice-Chairman of the American Bar Association Real Property Section Sub-Committees on Trade Associations and options, and a member of the Construction Industry Panel of the American Arbitration Association.

He has been an expert witness in matters relating to real estate trade practice, fiduciary duties, due diligence, and lease interpretation of real estate law in both state and federal courts. He has lectured at Stanford, UCLA, Pepperdine, and Loyola law schools and was an Adjunct Professor of Real Estate at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Southern California He has more than thirty years experience in acquiring syndications and managing real property.

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Principles of Real Estate Syndication PDF download by Samuel K Freshman
Principles of Real Estate Syndication
Samuel K Freshman
Beverly Hills Publishing Company, April 2012
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