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I recently graduated with a BA in English-Creative Writing and all the hopes and doubts that come with it. I'm still a new writer, trying to find my voice and style, but I do hope to publish a novel someday. This is my first time entering a contest like this, and I look forward to learning from my fellow authors.

Story: Metamorphoses XI



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Oh, aren't you being cruel? If Ashlyn knows, what about us? We want to know, as well. The story got going a little too slowly, and was a bit confusing to grasp with the past and present. But grasp, I eventually did. It seems like he's gone, but...there's that niggling part of me that's holding on to hope. It was a good story and well written but for the time it took to get into it. Well done! I'd appreciate it if you could please check out my story, Double Take, and let me know what you think.


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I think that this is a good story for a new writer and it would be a good story if you were a seasoned writer. You're next story will certainly be great.

Lisa Rose

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The moving back and forth in time was a little disorienting, but once I worked it out, the story got better. If you have the time, please read my story, 'Drift Away' and let me know if you liked it, by leaving a review.

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