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Happiness expert Sophie Keller is an author, life coach, TV personality and the creator of She has four books releasing simultaneously in conjunction with Harlequin on November 27, 2011—How Happy Is Your Marriage?How Happy Is Your Love Life?How Happy Is Your Home? and How Happy Is Your Health?

Sophie is an expert in human behavior and communication skills as well as a master practitioner and trainer in neurolinguistic programming, a professional feng shui consultant and a qualified yoga instructor. She has helped transform the lives of thousands of people through her writing, TV appearances, speaking engagements and private consultations. Her gift is that she can quickly uncover where and how someone is stuck in their lives and what they need to do in order to move forward successfully.

Sophie also spent many years as an actress. She's best known in the USA for her starring role in the critically acclaimed ABC drama Gideon's Crossing. Sophie is happily married to the BAFTA-winning director Oli Barry. They live in Santa Monica with their son, Judah.

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