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Story: Trick or Treatin' Jesus Christ


Lisa Rose

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I really liked your story. I have two sisters and a brother and they fondly recall their own stories of trick or treating on Halloween. I unfortunately was six years behind them and didn't have the joy of going, because that is about the time when some idiot got the idea that trying to kill kids would be more fun than giving out candy and ruined a once innocent tradition. My mother refused to ever let me go (as a loving mother would). Instead she bought candy for all of us and we sat around in our costumes in the living room with a flashlight, taking turns telling ghost stories. The trick or treating Jesus and Satan would have amused her greatly. You write very well. I stood trembling on the porch with you and felt your horror as the Winston smoking Satan came to the door. The first paragraph sums up how I felt reading your story. 'I was fortunate enough to grow up in the last decade of the truly old-fashioned Halloweens. It was the time when cavities, stomachaches and Ouija boards were the only things that conjured up fear.' Today's children will never know the simple pleasures of our childhood and that is a shame. If you have the time please read my story 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.

Entertain Me

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Trick or Treatin Jesus Christ has a lot of promise--great image, great name. A fun story. However,although I adore the knock knock joke, the encounter with the neighbor had such a build up that the reality of it fell a bit flat. It seemed like you were torn between two climaxes: the neighbor and the Satan house.


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That was a great story!!! Thanks for reminding me how much fun we had trick or treating! I go with my grandkids every year, and its just not the same. This year I will try to share my memories and bring the SPOOKY fun back to life. THANKS for a great story

Medicine Woman

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Must say your story kindled some of my own fond childhood Halloween memories. I found myself laughing out loud as you were "aspiring to lay healing hands on the prettiest witches" 9 years old? You precocious little boy! I thoroughly enjoyed!

Grandma Mimi

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Great story. I will wait to tell it to my grandchildren for a while. They are a bit young. I enjoyed it immensely.


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Nice reminiscence of a boyhood adventure meets imagination. Reminds me of John D. Fitzgerald and his "Great Brain" books.... Some of my favorite books from the sixth grade! Nice imagery... Especially like the the passage in which your brain talks to your bladder.


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This story is spooktacular! I felt like I was trick-or-treating right along with you! This is a new "must-read" right before Halloween each year.


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Fantastic, gripping, edge of your seat, super funny. Good luck, hope you win ;)


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Thank you for sharing such a hilarious and personal story! It had me laughing and thinking about my own Halloween experiences. Your writing easily paints images in the reader's imagination. I loved the ending, hahaha, would not have expected it! Wonderfully written!

Jesus C

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Blue Squirrel

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Awesome. Does exactly what a memoir should of capturing a memorable moment in life that people can relate. Quite humorous and has a non predictable ending. very original!

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