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A Message From Dr. Siegrist:
I looked for material to give my patients to read at home after office visits and found nothing that was oriented toward the patient. Everything I found was complicated or incomplete. So, I decided to write it myself!

I'm very pleased to offer you my first book, Making Sense of Arthritis Medicine. I'm in my 10th year of private practice and among only 3% of Board-certified Orthopedic Surgeons who are women! I have a passion for educating my own patients about their problem, and advising what's right for the individual and why. It's my duty to share my expertise, but in a way the listener can understand: each patient learns differently.

There's plenty of generic health-and-wellness information swirling around out there. It's hard to know how to apply it to your situation. Making Sense of Arthritis Medicine combines the facts with a strategy for a personalized approach to bone and joint health!

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Making Sense of Arthritis Medicine PDF download by Stephanie E. Siegrist MD
Making Sense of Arthritis Medicine
Stephanie E. Siegrist MD
Stephanie Siegrist, April 2012
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