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I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1943 and graduated from Cal State Northridge University with a B.A. Degree in Geography and then spent 35 years marketing Life Insurance and providing Financial Planning services for small businesses in Southern California. One had absolutely nothing to do with the other unless being able to predict the weather made daily drives all over Southern California easier.

I successfully competed for the first seven years in the insurance business and then decided to change my approach. I decided to succeed based on personal growth and customer service instead of trying to win contests and recognition. In 1978 I gathered my ideas about this change in my world view which eventually blossomed into this book.

Along the way my wife, Penney, and I raised a family of four wonderful children who have become even more wonderful, productive adults. How fortunate we are.

I’m writing this in 2009 and over time my belief in the correctness and usefulness of these ideas has increased. Life has continued to confirm that personal growth trumps competitiveness every time, although I do have more to say on the subject especially with regard to Christianity. Stay tuned. Oh, yes, in the 2003 fires that ravaged San Diego County of the 44 homes on our street 43 burned down. Ours was the only one that survived. It was a life modifier to say the least even if you are the one that survives. Note to self: I was a “beneficiary” (to use an insurance term) of God’s grace and not a “winner” of God’s “lotto”.

-Steve Homel

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The Competition Obsession: a philosphy of non-competitive living PDF download by Steven H. Homel
The Competition Obsession: a philosphy of non-competitive living
Steven H. Homel
ACS Publishing Comapny, April 2012
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