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I'm a native Arkansan, born and bred in the middle of Hog Country. I've been married to my best friend for more than half of my life, and have three grown children. "The Sun and The Star" is my first attempt at a bedtime story-penned in hopes if you write it, grandchildren will come. I hope it proves to be an enjoyable read. I look forward to your feedback!

Story: The Sun and Star


Tammy A Evans

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I appreciate the feedback!


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Great read...loved it.. :)

Rina Kay

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Great read! You're actually there as you read! Wonderful story!

Macon Man

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I enjoyed the story thoroughly. It was full of sound and color and flowed well. The obscure language added age to the piece, and for the most part was explained in context. Well done.

Teresa Garcia

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"Dragon Wars" alone grabs me. I like seeing where different authors take that premise to. Extra points for using woad in your story, as so many today seem to not even know what that is. I did feel a little dismay at reading the dragons needed to be defeated. As someone who has the Asian concept of the wise and benevolent dragon the one she grew up with, I tend to favor the dragons most of the time (and if I were a Western Dragon, I would not be well disposed to men coming after me). The story redeemed itself the longer I read, and I saw why the Dragon War was used. What an excellent backdrop, and a rare one, to see the happenings back at home instead of the battlefield. I love the use of description in this piece, particularly how the storm is described. The writing is sonorous. I am also so glad to see someone use the older ways of crafting sentences, that lend the piece more sense of age and of long gone times. Few use these styles well these days. I want to see this story on vellum, and illuminated like the old books. And to see the word "sennight" used... it's been so long since I've seen that word, and I'll have to point this story out to a lady I know that also loves to write in similar style and vernacular. I like the slipping back and forth through time. I did not find it confusing at all, but well handled. I did see a few typos that I did not believe to be caused by the style used. Other than those, very well done.

Lisa Rose

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This is a good story, you drew me into your world. The switching back and forth in time was just a little confusing, although it was definitely worth the effort to get through. If you wouldn't mind, please read my story, 'Dift Away' and let me know what you think, by leaving a review.


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Found the story to be fantastic, I found myself hanging on the words. I liked the character development, seems like they must have some personal undertones, but I would have liked a bit more allusion and descriptive setting, but I can see how it benefits by staying clean, without the need for flowery language. Overall Story -8/10 Characters -7/10 Structure - 9/10 Loved every word.

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Tammy is a promising writer. Her ability to create word pictures is good. I always love to read someone who loves to play with words.

J. K.

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Too bad it was a short story, would like to read more.


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I could not scan this story. I had to read every word. Good Job!


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Wonderful, colorful, delightfully detailed story. Its easy to be transferred into this story! I await a novel!


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Awesome!!! What a brilliant mind!!

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