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Tanner enjoys many things in life, things such as baking, writing, and wandering aimlessly in the rain (alas where she lives doesn't get much so she tries to soak up what she can). Her love from writing came from a one hundred in fourth grade on an essay she wrote on 'Why I Hate Spinach'.

Story: Chopped Dog



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Loved it, Prairie Dog! You're such a great writer :D I hope I can do illustrations for you some day~


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I've always enjoyed pirates and dogs, so I enjoyed this story. The female pirate added to the enjoyment. I did have to re-read at times due to the author's use of "it's" when she meant "its" and "who's" when she meant "whose." It's easy to overlook things like that -- especially when spell check does not catch those types of things. Overall, an entertaining read.


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Loved it....what a enjoyable read.


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The writing flows nicely and the story is intriguing, as well as fun.

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