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I was born June 4, 1937 in the little timber town of Dover, Idaho with a population of some 300 Scandinavian hillbillies. Raised in a two room house with my five siblings, I quit high school after my Sophomore year to enlist in the army in 1955. After three years as an army radio operator I was discharged and went to work for a company that manufactured telephone routing equipment. I spent the next seven years installing that equipment in towns around the country. Inspired by Poe’s “The Raven”, I wrote my first poem in 1958 titled “Just Plain Bill.” Bill was a simple fellow who enjoyed murder and mayhem and has since been banished from the written page by this author. While traveling in the Midwest I met and married the prettiest girl in Iowa, Lauraine Moellering. After several more years on the road we settled in Morgan Hill, California where we raised two children and co-wrote two children’s books, (unpublished). I received my GED diploma from the local Junior college and continued writing much poetry. I have no published work and enter this contest to test if my work is worthy of public attention.

Story: Brotherhood



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The story was filled with a lot of poetry and I ended up getting attracted to those poems, you have a great future as both a poet and writer. You were so kind enough to revew my story and written such good words about it. I was not there to compete, I just wanted to find a reader like you, who seemed to have connected with the story.I can't thank you enough for that

Lisa Rose

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I wanted to like it, but... sorry, I didn't. The story seemed to be written just so you could show us your poems. When you are writing dialogue you have to begin a new paragraph if you change speakers. It makes it easier for the reader to follow which character is speaking. Your story just seemed to be a jumble (of some, actually pretty good) ideas. Very hard to follow. Please feel free to write a review on my story, Drift Away and let me know your opinion.


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I was really excited to read this story because the author's biographical information is so interesting. I was expecting a story about growing up poor, crowded and uneducated. Instead, I got a story about a rich bad boy and his sensitive brother that was full of stereotypes that didn't ring true. I am afraid American Pie, Pretty In Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful and lots of other teen movies ended any cultural opportunity to explore that character contrast in any new or interesting way. And, I am sorry, but the poetry inserts just did not work. They just destroyed the fragile narrative structure. There is a place for poetry in fiction, but it needs to have a very, very strong relationship with the context of the story.

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