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Valentina Ibeachum is a relationship expert who lives in London, England. After 11 years of marriage, people that meet them for the first time usually think that she and her husband are newly-weds. It’s very obvious to all that they have a strong and happy marriage. Many want to know what their secret is. And that’s what her books are all about. After years of observing and counselling pre-wed and married couples, she has uncovered the major areas where many couples keep tripping up.

Her books are not a compilation of psychological theories and dynamics, but practical principles and advice that have worked for her own marriage, the marriage of others that she has helped, and are sure to work in any marriage. She’s fed up of seeing couples unhappy in marriage and ready to throw in the towel simply because they don’t know WHY things are going wrong and WHAT they can do about it. This is why she’s written books and developed courses that answer the questions of the why and the what.

Valentina is passionate about helping couples build strong and happy marriages and her passion comes out in everything she writes.

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10 Days to a Happier Marriage PDF download by Valentina Ibeachum
10 Days to a Happier Marriage
Valentina Ibeachum, April 2012
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