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A struggling freelance writer, who would love to see, truth, getting published, even, if it is, in the form of fiction. Writes about anything that touches her heart, and believes, that, a story should be both engaging and also, thought provoking. When she is not writing, she is doing what she loves the most, reading.

Story: The deceptive calm


Alyce Wilson

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There are many wonderful details in this story, painting a rich portrait of this young woman's life. For a standalone story, it would be best to focus on one key event, the one with the most potential for drama. Since it seems like her relationship with her father is key, that could be a good stepping stone. Please don't be discouraged by the criticism you've received; you have a great eye for detail! Take a moment, if you can, to read and comment on my story, "Dating Safari."


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From the author: Thanks for reading and reviewing my story. I really appreciate the comments about my story being poor in grammar and punctuation. I have drilled them into my mind now, that I have to do proper editing of my story. And for the lone good review that I've had from Mr.Truman, I am extremely thankful for that, I have put in the turmoil that my land is going through into that story and I am happy that it moved at least one person. If I had not moved the others, it is only my failure in editing the story properly. God bless you all and may you all find a satisfying career in writing.

Lisa Rose

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This is a sad story, it makes me glad to live where I do. You do seem to have a problem with run-on sentences. You also need to watch your punctuation. But I I like the message of your story. If you have the time, please read my story, 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.


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This is a continuing non-fiction story for mankind I'm afraid. I think it is well written.

Book lover

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Nice story idea but desperately needs an editor. Run on sentences, poor grammar, and punctuation.

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